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We are Rwanda’s fairest Safari tour Company organizing unforgettable Journeys through the best Eco-rich destination in East Africa. With all the beautifully untamed wilderness and a unique wildlife including the rare mountain gorillas, natural rivers and lakes, well protected wetlands and dense tropical rain forests. Our guided safaris range from short-day trips to multi day guided tours of the majestic Rwanda.
Choose from four amazing ways to Rwanda: Gorilla trekking, wildlife tours, cultural tours, nature walks, mountain trekking, Primates Safaris among others. We organize packages for both individual travelers and bigger groups including whole family. You can conquer the wild thrills of Rwanda on an adventure, visit the gorillas in the Virunga ranges, relax and explore the impenetrable forests, experience the pioneer-style adventure of a Rwanda adventure. Each adventure offers a unique opportunity to leave the towns and discover the remote far of Africa and experience one of the natural areas left in the wildness.


When to go for a Rwanda Safari.

Holidays in Rwanda are possible all year, but the most popular times to travel are in the long dry season from June to September, and the shorter dry season around December to February. If you’re intending to track gorillas, you’ll need to plan your holiday well ahead to secure permits – especially around July to September. Rwanda’s main rainy season is from March to May, with shorter rains in October and November; to find out more see Rwanda’s weather and climate information..


Gorillas are the most pronounced creatures in Rwanda but finding the Golden Monkey an endangered species is worth  a trek.


Virunga Mountain streches from the Congo, Uganda and finally in Rwanda. You will take a look at some of the stunning peaks.

How Gorilla Tracking done.

Gorillas live in the dense thick vegetation together with high altitudes of the Virunga Mountains in the corridors of Rwanda, Congo and Uganda, this because they are covered with too much far on their bodies so they need cooler temperatures to cool them down and then their nostrils are larger than any other ape so they need more oxygen to take in. The terrain in these areas are steep and a certain level of fattiness is required. Gorilla trekkers need to get up a little bit earlier so that they get a glimpse of these gentle apes before they start their morning movements in search for food. It take a couple of hours because they got no permanent homes/nests.

Gorilla Tracking is one of the best activity one would like to have on his or her visit in Rwanda. It involves a number of stages in terms of preparations; how fit are you for the trekking, how safe are you in terms of health to meet these Gorillas so as to ensure the continuous existing of these primates in the Wild. The apes have been habituated and this is the process in which gorillas are introduced to human presence. This may take 2 to 3 years or less depending on the gorilla family reaction to people.

Because these Gorillas are used to human beings, they are free to be visited by tourists and the number of tourists to visit a given gorilla family group is not supposed to be more than 8. However they are a number of habituated Gorilla families a tourist has a chance to visit at least one of them. The maximum time take for visitor to spend with the animals is one hour and this is done to reduce the chances of them contracting disease from humans and on the same not visitor is to be more than 7 feet from the gorillas.

These are our best selling safari packages you wont miss to take on.

Our wildlife Safaris.

Are you planning a Wildlife safari in East Africa? Then sit back and relax because we will do the hard work for you. We have careful selected African safari tours, rated most popular by both our Africa Safari Experts and our customers, and have finalized our best destinations in East Africa.
Iconic destinations – Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda, Akagera Wildlife National park in Rwanda, Serengeti National park in Tanzania, the Masai Mara of Kenya – feature highly on these itineraries but so do off-the-beaten-path destinations in East Africa. Our most-rated African safari tours have been chosen to offer a range of experiences: romantics and honeymooners enjoy our idyllic ‘safari and beach’ (Lake Kivu), combinations while families will appreciate the child-friendly nature of our popular African safaris. Accommodation, transfers and activities are all part of our tours so the only thing left to arrange is your international flight.

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Why you choose to travel with us

For a decade we have been dedicated to serve the best interests of our clients finding the most affordable African Safari Experience involving Game Viewing, Gorilla trekking, adventure tours on the World’s Longest River The Nile like white water rafting, Scheduled Safaris and Short Tours in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo. We have completely down to earth knowledgeable local Safari guides that give you the very first hand information on all that you need to know about Africa’s Wildlife, Culture and ready to answer any of your burning questions. We are the most flexible safari company which has both scheduled and tailor made trips. We offer quality safaris that take you for the best Gorilla Trekking experience in Rwanda. We also customize your safari, taking care of everything that you may want to be included in the Safari Itinerary.

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